Laura Lemna uses the act of painting and the specific languages of abstraction to reflect upon attitudes, social strategies and processes that arise under the competing pressures to be unwavering in our decisions and our public and self-images, while also staying easy-going and adaptable in the face of recent technologies, social media platforms, and instantaneous and overwhelming access to information and opinions. Through a combination of gestural mark-making and wobbly geometric design, she reflects an anxious human desire to create and contribute in productive and meaningful ways.

Recent paintings play with self-referential brushstrokes and their ability to be both the results of impulses and of a more intentional and habituated practice. They push together moments that feel natural, inventive, and optimistic, alongside moments that feel contrived, frantic, and awkward. They frustrate our cravings for clarity and confidence, but remind us that intuition grows intelligent with time, trial and error, repetition, revision, and incidental experience.

Laura Lemna received her MFA from the University of Notre Dame in 2017, and is currently living and working in the Midwest.